Lipstick has been with us for a long time and, since the dawn of time, women have been using makeup, of one sort or another, to make themselves look beautiful and to distinguish themselves from the rest of the crowd. Originally lipstick was made from whatever was near to hand like plants, berries and powders ground from rocks, and it was the ancient Egyptians that were the first to actually start manufacturing lipstick. Lipstick has come a long way since then, but one thing that hasn’t changed through the centuries is women’s love of bright and bold red lipstick. Let’s face it, nothing boosts the confidence quite like a bold red lipstick, and the classic red lipstick has been favoured by many glamorous stars from Marilyn Monroe to Gwen Stefani. You don’t need to be a megastar to pull off beautiful red lips, just a little knowhow and a few tips.  The classic red lipstick has been in vogue for decades and it will never go out of fashion, so learn how to get perfect red lips by reading these top ten tips on how to apply red lipstick like a pro.

1. Choose the right shade of red for you.

Red, is not simply red and lipstick can look different on different people. Traditionally, it was thought that lighter reds and coral shades suited fair skinned women, while the darker shades suited darker skins. The reality is that there are no rules for the type of red that will suit you, so experiment and test, until you find the perfect shade of red for you.

2. Exfoliate your lips

Another great tip on how to apply red lipstick like a pro is to gently exfoliate the lips with a soft toothbrush and olive oil (or coconut oil), before you apply any makeup at all. Gently move the toothbrush in small circles over your lips and this will remove any dry, flaky skin that might ruin your lipstick and it will help your lips retain moisture. Just don’t overdo the exfoliation, if your lips are particularly sensitive, or you will make them very sore.

3. Moisturise your lips

Apply a generous amount of lip balm (or shea butter) to your lips to moisturise them. Rub the lip balm well in and give it ten minutes or so to sink into the skin. Then, remove any excess with a tissue. This is an especially important step if your lips are a bit dry, because lipstick won’t stick to dry lips for very long.

4. Apply lip liner first

Carefully draw around the natural shape of your lips, just inside the natural lip line, with a lip liner of the same colour as your lipstick, to define the shape of your mouth and especially concentrate on defining your cupid’s bow. This will help you define the perfectly shaped lips and emphasize that seductive cupid’s bow; applying your lip liner first, will stop the unattractive lipstick bleeding or running. This is more important with red lipstick than with any other lip colour, as red lipstick bleeding can be particularly noticeable and very unsightly.

5. Fill in your lips with lip liner

Colour inside the outline you have just drawn with the lip liner. This will help the lipstick stick better to your lips, which will make it last a lot longer, and it will boost the colour too.

6. Apply the lipstick

Apply the lipstick, preferably with a brush, because that will give you more control; apply it evenly and generously and stay within the lines that you drew with the lip liner. Make sure that you get right into the inner corners of your lips, so that you have no ‘nude’ areas of lip showing. Apply lipstick to the centre of your lips first, and then work your way towards the outside. You’ll will find that this is the easiest way to ensure that you get an even coat all the way across your lips.

7. Blot and apply a second coat

Next tip on how to apply red lipstick like a pro is to blot the first coat of lipstick with tissue paper and then apply a second coat. This will help your lipstick stay in place for longer and will give you a stronger payoff of the colour and better definition.

8. Fix the lipstick with powder

Another way to make lipstick last for longer is to place a piece of thin tissue over your lips and dust some translucent powder on, through the tissue. This will fix the lipstick and hold it in place for longer.

9. Apply concealer to the edge of your lips to stop bleeding

Another great tip on how to apply red lipstick like a pro is to apply some concealer around the perimeter of your lips, just above the line of the lipstick and lip liner. It will help to stop lipstick bleeding and it will make your red lips look even more defined and seductive.

10. Apply some lip gloss, if required

Optionally, you can now apply lip gloss, if you want a shiny, dramatic look, or you could apply lip gloss just to centre of your lips and that will make your lips look fuller.

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