Windproof and Stormproof Matches

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When you’re camping or otherwise out in the wild, you’re only as good as your supplies. If your matches get damp, wet, or are just too old, they aren’t going to work and that means you aren’t going to have a warm fire. It probably means that you won’t have a hot meal either, or maybe you’ll really need them in an emergency. That’s when camping turns into a not so fun experience. This company makes a kit with waterproof and windproof matches that that can withstand pretty much anything, and still light a fire.You can dunk these incredible matches into water and they’ll still be able to start up. Even better, they can be lit, get submerged under a pile of dirt, and will start right back up when they come back out. These unique matches are made to withstand extremely harsh weather, with high winds, and even heavy rainfall, while still allowing you to start a fire when needed.

2 reviews for Windproof and Stormproof Matches

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    I’m very pleased with this smaller version of the UCO match kit, which I also have. Yes, the matches are also shorter, but they still burn for a good 15 seconds, and stay hot enough after the burn to ignite a source such as a cotton ball, or other fine fiber. Don’t touch the heads soon after burning, in other words! The container has a screw-on cap with enough threads that I wouldn’t worry about it not having a washer. It also has a striker installed plus two more in a small plastic bag that is inside the container, along with a small wad of cotton to ignite.

  2. Rated 4 out of 5


    I always try products out before I count on them for my preparedness pack. In doing so, this product left much to be desired. Out of the first 3 matches I tried, the first failed to light, the second one worked fine, and the third one took several strikes to light. This did not give me a feeling of confidence in the product.

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